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This Hotdog Will Change Your Life!

Help Us Celebrate Our Launch in ATX!

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We have only just begun!

DittyDog delivers GFF - Good, Fast & Fun! People stare with anticipation as they watch us drizzle our sauces! From our humble beginnings in Houston as “JonJon’s Hot Dog” (now closed) working out of a hot dog cart, we’ve moved up a notch to food trailers and launched a new brand called “DittyDog”.

Location & Hours


519 E 7th St, Austin, TX 78701

> Visible from corner of E.6th St & Red River <


Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays 8pm-3am

We will be opening for special events & some holidays as well.



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The “DittyBeef” 1/4lb All Beef Frank

The “DittyV” VeggieDog

The “DittyBrat” Pork Bratwurst

They come fully loaded with ALL the toppings, unless you say otherwise.

Toasted Bun,Cream cheese, Asian Ketchup, Caramelized Onions, Crunchy Mix (fried onions & Lay’s chips), Honey Mayo, Chipotle Mustard(spicy), Sriracha(spicy), Green Sauce(spicy).


It comes fully loaded unless you say otherwise…

Is this a New York style dog?
Chicago style?
Seattle style?
— Multiple customers

NOPE. It’s none of the above.

Many people look at the list of ingredients and think "Uhhhhhh, I'm not to sure about this!" However, after the first bite, all questions and hesitations immediately vanish. This is because of the magical flavor profile that takes over mind, body and soul.